BaBa Becomes MaMa: Twins for Rongolian SuperSheep


Baba the Rongolian SuperSheep (centre) and her babies Graham (right) and Rosie.

Off the Top of my Head

By Paul Murray

“Immaculate conception likely explanation for permaculture farm double miracle”

10176078_541196455992945_1096248462_nLivingInPeace Project pet sheep BaBa’s strange behaviour was explained on the morning of October 18, 2014 when she went into labour and produced twins to the amazement of all concerned given that we believed her to be a virgin.

Perhaps the most famous sheep in the world and most certainly the strangest, BaBa is a confused soul and behaves in a most un-sheeplike manner. Her own mother rejected her at birth after her older sibling was stillborn..BaBa’s mother took no interest in her and she was effectively given up for adoption on parturition.

Orphan BaBa found a new home at Rongo Backpackers & Gallery at the top of thew West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand where she was much loved by many people and bottle fed by a raft of enthusiastic surrogate mothers from all over the world.


Young BaBa


Young BaBa at Rongo Backpackers & Gallery in Karamea

Rongo Kitchen head chef Mitsuyo Numata and her man Brian “Big Man” Thomson stepped up and assumed the primary responsibility for Baba’s parenting and took the frail little lamb under their wings and fed her, kept her warm, taught her about life and how to live it, but neglected to discuss the birds and the bees. Baba was hence colder than a well-digger’s arse when if came to romance.


Brian “Big Man” Thomson: BaBa’s Surrogate Father

All observed attempts by our RockStar Ram to mate with Lady Baba were hilariously thwarted by BaBa’s frigidity and fear of all things ovine. Karamea Farm Baches Manager Maree Stirling’s house looks out over the farm and she is a keen observer of the happenings of the flock. “RockStar was sniffing around BaBa’s back passage and she turned around and bunted him away…he looked most upset, but tried again and Baba pissed all over his head…shit it was funny,” she said.

LivingInPeace Project Permaculture Farm Manager Dave Tailby also saw the mating attempt of a ram who is used to groupies fawning over his every move and had previously only met with openly willing participants eager to sample the fruits of his loins. “BaBa wasn’t having a bar of the ram, he made several attempts to mount up and get a groove on, but she kept on butting him away and giving him golden showers,” he said.

Dave_Tailby-150x116 Dave_Tailby-150x116


LivingInPeace Project Permaculture Farm Manager Dave Tailby

Hardly virginal behaviour that, but clearly, BaBa’s licentious gambolling only encouraged RockStar and rammed up his determination to succeed. He must have risen to the considerable challenge as “Lady” BaBa is now a mother. Divine intervention and immaculate conception is the only other possibility and I didn’t believe in that the first time, so I’m not party to the theory now. RockStar must turned up the charm and succeeded in thawing the icebox around BaBa’s love tunnel and consummating their relationship.

BaBa is proving an exceptionally good mother and has found new purpose in her life as the care provider for her offspring, a boy and a girl. She continues to treat the other sheep in the flock with complete disdain, refuses to associate with them in any way, but carries herself with more pride and confidence than ever before…motherhood becomes her! Congratulations BaBa and also to her proud parents, Mi-Chan and the Big Man, now grandparents to two sweet little lambsies…thanks also to Ronglians worldwide who helped to raise BaBa and make her the wonderful mother she is today.


Mitsuyo Numata with Baby BaBa

WED_0240 WED_0244


BaBa Photo Archive: BaBa…This is Your LIFE!!


BaBa and her cousin Diva (top)


French BaBa Fan Nicole Geiger


DJ Crap (right) and BaBa


BaBa leads a group of U.S. Environmental Science students on an ecological tour of the LivingInPeace Project permaculture farm.

DSC_0214 DSC_0218


French BaBa Fan MiMi

DSC_0130 DSC_0131 DSC_0152 DSC_0176 DSC_0251_2_2 DSC_0276 DSC_0277 DSC_0279 DSC_0280 DSC_0283 DSC_0294

DSC_0276 DSC_0251_2_2


Rongo TV: LivingInPeace Project: BaBa Rodeo

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Radio Karamea Waives the Rules and Rules the Airwaves



Radio Karamea 107.5 FM Top 10

By Raving Rongolian Star Stringer Roman Brutus Spartacus

 Radio Karamea 107.5 FM – Most played songs – DJ’s Choice!

To celebrate the global spectacular success of  Radio Karamea’s “International Requests Show” the Radio Karamea 107.5 FM Top 10!

Radio Karamea 107.5 FM not only rules the airwaves, it waives the rules!

1 – “Born to be Mild!” by Arfur Guiness!


2 – “I Snort the Line!” by Bike Turner!


3– “Bad to the Boner!: by Dick Thoroughbred and The Injectors!




4 – “God Defend Made in China!” by John Keywee!



5 – “I Wanna be Jake the Peg!” by Ozcar Pretorius!  


6- “Clint, Where’s ya Troosers?” by The Immoral Minority!


monica_lewinsky-224x300 monicaclinton1


7 – “I’m a Muslim Terrorist and I’m Ok!” by Mountgomery Python!

cleese silly walk


8 – “Just Meat It!”  by Pelvis!



9 – “I Shot My Dickoff!” by Claptrap Eriction!



10 – “House of the Rising Son!” by Rolf Harris!




DJ Crap at Karamea Radio DSC_0006 DSC_0020 DSC_0076 DSC_0081 DSC_0131 DSC_0201 DSC_0232 DSC_0453 DSC_0465 DSC_0508 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0533 DSC_0535 DSC_0615 DSC_0693 Karamea Radio Sign


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Da Costa Spearheads Otago Win Over Rival Canterbury

18 октября 2014

Известия Спорт – Футбол из Новой Зеландии !

Южная Соединенные против Кентербери
Южная Соединенные прекратились десять Кентерберийский доминирования с отличным 2-1 победу в предсезонном столкновения в Тимару в субботу .

Victor DaCosta.

Виктор Да Коста

Кентербери открыл счет через Марио Хоффман 28-й минуте , и все могло быть хуже после рефери Логан Григорий реализовал пенальти – но Том Бэтти есть легкий и мяч отскочил от перекладины южной автора .

Кентербери , вероятно, в тени Южный в первом тайме , ноактивизировались Южная сторона улучшилось вне поля зрения во второй половине , играют владение игру , что , возможно, заработанные больший отрыв победителя . Василий Артур Парк не заработал ни одного призы для его рифленой поверхностью .

На самом деле , это помогло устранить южной Росс Ховард в разминке , и Ник Хиндсон , прихрамывая послежесткой борьбы , пытался играть , но прокат его лодыжку на поверхности .

Другой жертвой стала бывшая Все белые полузащитник Аарон Clapham , который показал свой ​​класс , прежде чем он травмировал плечо в начале второй половины .

Южный начал без Тома Джексона , Тим McLennan , Алистер Rickerby , Джордж Милн и Бен Фицпатрик , так тренер Майк Холодильник все еще имеет много вариантов в рукаве .

Оба хранители , Бэтти и Лиам Маленький , получил половину каждого , Мэтт Джой был устойчивым, как обычно, в центре обороны , где он был в паре с Cam Attwood , и Эндрю Ridden , Дэвид Хейман и Крэйг Фергюсон также фигурирует .

Роятся полузащитник признакам Эдер Franchini и Виктор Da Costa , который конкурировал хорошо , и оба Том Коннор и Morgan День положить в хороших сдвигов .

Фитнес-уровня южных выглядела хорошо, и были некоторые эффективные и адресный попутный движения, готовые в штрафную , где большая Джош Стюарт , а позже Тейлор Маккормак вызвал проблемы Кентербери .

Da Costa реализовал пенальти по Южной и только тогда, когда все пропитанные зрители начали домой , Маккормак завершил 85-й минуте крест , ибоевой дух повышения победа была необратима Южный теперь ожидает его открытия ASB премьер-лиге игре против Окленда в Форсайт Барр стадион в эту субботу .

В Tahuna парка Вчера , непобедимый молодежь сторона Southern в вытеснил Веллингтон 2-1 в национальном игры лиги .

Южный молодежь снова начала медленно , и он взял пару верхней экономит Джош Дейкстрой отрицать Веллингтона .

Тем не менее, в идеальных условиях, сторона тренера Кевина Scoullar , построенная из устойчивого платформы в задней , а во главе с Tyrrell Barringer – Тахири , и оказываемое давление, достаточное , чтобы забить пару по тайма .

le angry!

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Madly Busy Day for the Messiah


Sweet Jumping Jesus!


Boom Operator Jesus


Triumphant Jesus


Chauffeur Jesus


Cheerleader Jesus


Sober Jesus


Outfield Jesus


Jungle Jim Jesus


Mariachi Jesus


Grease Monkey Jesus


First Date Jesus


Coed Jesus


Pool Party Jesus


Aspiring Student Jesus


Homeboy Jesus


Iron-Pumping Jesus


Drive Thru Jesus


Hot Dog Jesus

From Pansy Panda:

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Struth…Those Bloody Aussies are a Weird Mob Mate!

Point of Order, Mr. Speaker!

Parliament Live from the House in Canberra.


Dateline : Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Mr. Speaker:      Order! Order! Please be upstanding for Advance Australia Fair!

Misshter Shpeaker!

Mr. Speaker:    The Member for Uwannalattetoo, The Right Honourable Edward Kelly!


Yessh! Misshter Shpeaker! We shneed an adjournement (hic!) of                     yeshterdays Happy Hour before we can proceed!


Mr. Speaker:      All those in favour say aye and all those against say naye!

Naye! Naye! Naye! Slurp!!! Burp! Clink! Naye!

Mr. Speaker:    Ring the Division Bell

BONG!!      BONG!!!    BONG!!!!


Mr. Speaker:    The ayes have it!

BOO! BOO! ……..For Shame Sir!….. Bloody Traitor!………..

Mr. Speaker:     Any Urgent Special Reports to be tabled?? The Member for South Sydney, Mr. Samuel Burgess!


Yes! Mr. Speaker! The Kiwi Repatriation Bill No. 3 needs to be                      passed into law as a matter of urgency! Bloody New Zealand sheilas are breeding like rabbitohs!


Send them home!!!…….Bloody bludgers!!!…….Oi Oi Oi!


Mr. Speaker:     Order Order!

   Deport them to the colonies!!!………..Hang em from the yard arm me hearties!

ukraine women

Mr. Speaker:    I will have order!!

Mister Speaker!

Mr. Speaker:   The Member for Eagle Farm, The Right Honourable Haydyn Haitana in white cotton undies!


Yes Mr. Speaker! For too long the sons and daughters of Australian diggers have been raped, robbed and pillaged of their heritage. The time has come for all True Blue Aussies to say “When is when!”

Hear Hear!………Spoken like a trooper!…………Ra Ra!……….Cheers!!!

Mr. Speaker:   The motion to introduce this bill as a matter of urgency requires a seconder! The Right Honourable Member for Rockhampton, Mr. Theodore Bundaberg! Thank you!

Mister Speaker!

Mr. Speaker:    The Chair recognises from the public gallery, the New Zealand All Black Captain Mr. Richardhead McWhore!


Bloody Poofdah!

Mr. Speaker:     Order!!!     Order!!!!

Crucify him!

Mr. Speaker:    A motion to crucify the All Black Captain has been tabled!

Crucify Him!……Crucify Him!….Thinks he’s God Almighty……Bastard!

Mr. Speaker:        The ayes have it!

Mr. Speaker!


Mr. Speaker:        The Right Honourable Member for South LagerMeister, Mr. Noble Shickeredgrubber!

Ya! I find no fault in zis man!

Get off the grassy knoll cobba!…….Bloody wanker!…….Fucking All Bollocks!!!

Radio Australia FM   “We interrupt this urgent debate to take you live to          Flemington and Johnny Tapp for a live commentary on the Melbourne Cup!”



Johnny Tapp:     “Thank you Australia! Gates fly in the Melbourne Cup and bounding straight to the lead is even money favourite Doggone Wok surprisingly ridden today by stable apprentice Phuc Yu Too!

Go Doggone Wok!!!   Go Dog Breath!   Go you Bewdy!……………………………


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News from Oz: Terrorist Red Alert: “A traitor in our midst!”

By Raving Reporter: Shamshoun Khan II

Rooters – Karamea: In the height of the extreme paranoid hysteria surrounding the Terrorism Red Alert announced yesterday by Oztralian Prime Minister Tony Oi Oi Abbot, a deep cover Russian Master Spy has been unmasked in Perth Western Australia!



Eelaroo Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) Director, Sir Bruce Forsyth in Canberra today has named Joodndalup left arm medium bowler Doug O’Toole as “The Twelfth Man!”

Tony Abbott wears a rainbow hair net as part of an organ donation campaign.

Arrested in a dawn raid, in his polka dot pyjamas at his Hyde Park sleep out, by elite forces of the Bravo Yankee Oscar Squad, Doug denied he was a sleeper!

The Emperor’s New Horse

The 2014 Melbourne Cup is a foregone conclusion according to Wun Wun Too, Stable Master for 58 kg top weight Doggone Wok owned and trained by North Korean President for Life, Dim Bong Goon!


At this morning’s Flemington dawn track gallop, despite being shaded in the mist, Doggone Wok was timed to run 1000 metres in 58.6 and the last 400 in 22.3!


Pictured with his 3 yr old Phantom Chance – Sly Grog colt, Dim Bong Goon was adamant that only a biblical flood could prevent Doggone Wok, (Dogbreath to his adoring fans) from triumphing in Oztralia’s greatest race!


Currently at even money with Melbourne Bookies, The Kelly Gang, Doggone Wok is carrying the hopes of all North Korean race fans and reportedly even McDonalds have expressed an interest in taking a steak in the colt!


Underwriters for the Melbourne Cup, The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe have pledged to donate $10,00,000,000,000,000 (10 quadrillion dollars Zim ) specifically for the erection of refreshment tents in the middle of the Flemington Track! Victoria Bitter Chairman, Joe Boozlebub has promised to match this amount in free beer!


Victoria Bitter Chairman, Joe Boozlebub said, “Free Beer? Bloody Oath!”

In confident anticipation of his imminent triumph, Dim Bong Goon chose to celebrate before the Cup so that he could also celebrate after claiming the coveted trophy for his beloved country and people. The Great Leader filled his presidential trailer with strippers, caviar, cocktails and other luxury items he has become accustomed to…invited his best buddy for life Rod Dennisman to join him and they partied hearty until Dawn’s crack.


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Korean Commie Mounts Panorama V3 Challenge

Another Excalibur Publishing Scoop

 Breaking News from OzTralia

By Shamshoun Khan II

OzTralia: October 5, 2014: Bathurst Motor Race Director, Frank James has today shocked the Australian motor racing fraternity by announcing : “Due to the demise of Holden production on home turf and the shifting of the main assembly plant to Poynyang in North Korea. Next year’s race at Mt. Panorama will allow the inclusion of Hyundai and Isuzu.”

North Korean President Dim Bong Goon today announced that not only will he drive in next years motor spectacular but stated at the unveiling of Hyundai’s new supercharged V3 race engine : ” Super size it!”


North Korean President Dim Bong Goon


Hyundai’s new supercharged V3 race engine


The 2015 Bathurst race will be next year sponsored by Twinkies in a new deal thrashed out with Holden and Ford executives in Hobart, Tasmania!


Australian Prime Minister, Sir Rolfred Harriskov further announced that after the 2015 race the Mt. Panorama course will be turned into a Maori Refugee camp for ex pat Kiwis mistakenly accused of being fundamentalist terrorists!


Gold Coast beef rancher Dimitri Rastashopadopolis was today arrested by Queensland Police at the Bathurst Race Media Launch!


Dimitri Rastashopadopolis

Upon the official announcement regarding the inclusion of Hyundai in next years big race at Mt. Panorama, Dimitri was observed having a quiet snigger! This act was deemed racially offensive!


Reuters : Dimitri in his own defence to Gold Coast Stipendiary Magistrate Edward Kelly: “Hey! I gotta big nose and I a blow my nose!
“I a no chortle or a snigger!”1238872_382916318528298_5823188183999531935_n

….in other news….

Eaves dropping on management has revealed that Rocking Rod Stewart is allegedly booked in at Arden Street House, Dunedin for his concert. Cups of tea and scones available for mature ladies wishing to remake his acquaintance.


Rocking Rod

Media inquiries as to Rod Stewart staying at Arden House when he is in Dunedin for his April, 2015 accommodation were met today with a simple “No Comment” 

Arden Street House management stated caterogically to Reuters that its Guest List was confidential!


“Stern GR News Flash” The Munich entertainment insurance company Der Flugel-Strudel have contracted Eric Clapton to cover for Rod Stewart in the event that a continuing vocal chord inflammation prevents Rockin Rodders from delivering at his concert in Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2015!!!

Mr. Clapton ( pictured ) claimed that not only is he a far better entertainer than Rod Stewart but he has by far much bigger and much sexier mammary glands!


Eric Clapton

Eric give him a “Slow Hand” Clapton will be accompanied to Dunedin with his personal trainers Fraulein Gertrude and Fraulein Agatha.


Gertrude (right) and Agatha (more right)

 Commie Kim Claims Mt Panorama Gong

Bathurst 1000! NEWSFLASH!

By Shamshoun Khan II

OzTralia: October 12, 2014: The Illustrious President for life of the People’s Republic of North Korea, Kim Bong Goon snatched victory in Aussie’s great motor race in rather dramatic circumstances today at Mt. Panorama!


Driving a V3 supercharged Hyundai Special Kim Bong Goon (KBG) outraced Australia’s finest drivers in the race to the finish line only for his race car to chunder its guts out with 1 km to go!


Performing a quick Starsky and Hutch, KBG jumped aboard a back up Works Vespa and rode to triumph to the raucous cheers of a partisan av gas fueled crowd of Asian Boat Refugees!



For the first time on Australian soil the North Korean National Anthem I Gukka was played to an adoring crowd of brainwashed sycophantic Aussie Capitalist Bastards!



Fuelled by a modicum of amber liquid KB did a victory lap around the Bathurst 1000 race course at Mt. Panormama in the nude to the howls and screams of adoring young school girls!! Giving the media an Aussie Salute Mr. Goon was heard to say ” Men will still say this was my finest hour!”



Please stand for I Gukka!

(Performed by New Australian citizen Tim Buk Too ” Ruddy good!”)


At the post-race party, spokesperson for the fellowship of the Bathurst Race Organising Committee Klan (BROCK) Miss Man Janesfield delivered a speech to the assembled A-listers and said, “It is hoped that the success of KBG’s foray into enemy territory and his triumph over a nation of opposing ideological leanings will do much to narrow the cleavage between left and right and bring the two dogmas together for the benefit of all concerned.”


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