The Rongolian Star is a monthly information newsletter about the happenings, people and news from Rongo Backpackers & Gallery, Karamea Farm Baches and the LivinginPeace Project in Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The Rongolian Star is a light-hearted and hopefully humorous take on life and is not meant to be taken seriously…it was started in late 2010 by Lewis “Samson Elijah” Jackson and contains content from volunteers from all over the world who come and help grow the LivinginPeace Project and to whom we are most grateful.



2 Responses to About

  1. Captured by the naturalist, homesteading story of Tim Vos and my research has led me to study more about the Karamea District and its people. My wife and I are placing a high value on personal calling and simplicity going forward, and we are excited about the meaningful and holistic NZ life that awaits us when we return from 7 years in Hong Kong this July/Aug.
    We are excited to study sustainable communities in which to settle, and our goal is to offer sustainable ways of promoting health, wellbeing, and a sense of cooperation. We will begin by living for one year in Matakana, just north of Auckland to downsize and “do more with less”.
    Hope to learn more from your pursuits and way of life. We are planning a September road trip to visit sustainable people and endeavors that show a like-mindedness with our plans.
    My wife is an experienced and accomplished dancer/actress and I am a passionate and certified wellness and fitness trainer with a background in Secondary Teaching.
    Can we stay with you in late September?

    • Hi Gregory,

      Thank you for your e-mail and interest in what we are doing in Karamea.
      Tom Vos is a good friend of mine and I assume the homesteading story you
      refer to is the “We Live Ourselves” video made in the 1970s.

      Karamea is a rare geographical location, it’s an island in the Kahurangi
      National Park. Its climate, rainfall, soil fertility and temperature make
      for growing a diverse range of crops and for an associated excellent
      quality of life. Less is more is definitely a way of live here as Karamea
      is also perhaps the most remote town on mainland New Zealand.

      I very much look forward to meeting you and Sonia in September.

      I am currently on holiday in Japan with my family. My wife Sanae is
      Japanese and we’re visiting her parents in Tokyo.

      Regards from the Orient,

      Paul Murray.


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