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Paul Murray Live on 107.5: The DJ Crap Interviews

As the owner of Rongo Backpacker & Gallery Paul Murray gets to meet a LOT of interesting people. Here are Karamea Radio interviews with a some of them…You’re Welcome! Interview with 2015 LivingInPeace Project Resident Artist Photographer Arwen Dyer: July 21, … Continue reading

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N.Z. National Permaculture Hui 2015: Let’s Get GROWING!

   NZ National Permaculture Hui 2015 3rd-6th April 2015 (Easter Weekend)   Moving On Basic Regeneration with Permaculture   This year we’re bringing the Hui back to it’s roots with a 4 day immerse experience. The Hui’s focus is Moving … Continue reading

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Monbiot Gets Wild About Rewilding

Book Review: “Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life” by George Monbiot Off the Top of My Head By Paul Murray Oxford-educated Zoologist and writer George Monbiot takes on the subject of rewilding in his latest book “Feral” and … Continue reading

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Tom Waits Special with DJ Crap on Karamea Radio 107.5 FM

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BaBa Becomes MaMa: Twins for Rongolian SuperSheep

Off the Top of my Head By Paul Murray “Immaculate conception likely explanation for permaculture farm double miracle” LivingInPeace Project pet sheep BaBa’s strange behaviour was explained on the morning of October 18, 2014 when she went into labour and produced twins to … Continue reading

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News from Oz: Terrorist Red Alert: “A traitor in our midst!”

By Raving Reporter: Shamshoun Khan II   Rooters – Karamea: In the height of the extreme paranoid hysteria surrounding the Terrorism Red Alert announced yesterday by Oztralian Prime Minister Tony Oi Oi Abbot, a deep cover Russian Master Spy has been … Continue reading

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Is Indiscriminate 1080 Poison Use Causing a Rat Plague in NZ?

Off the Top of my Head By Paul Murray   The New Zealand Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright was invited to address the Nelson Science Society on August 19, 2014 at the Old St James Church on the subject of … Continue reading

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