Another Rather Busy Day for Jesus…

Dog's Arse Jesus

Tattoo Jesus

Republican Jesus

Avante Garde Last Supper Jesus

Joker Jesus

Groomer Jesus

Bearded Lady Jesus

Whacked-Out Hippy Jesus

Disappointed Jesus

Confused Jesus

Smooth Jesus

Balloon Jesus

Bicycling Jesus

Roid-Rage Jesus

Passive-Aggressive Jesus

Foot-Fetish Jesus

Gay Son Jesus

Jesus vs Superman Jesus

Marriage Counsellor Jesus

Censor Jesus

All Men are Bastards Jesus

Jesusaurus Rex Jesus

Nude Rude Jesus

Jumping Jesus

Judas-Kiss Jesus

Raptor-Rodeo Jesus

Living up To Christian-Expectation Jesus



About LivinginPeaceProject

Paul Murray is the founder of the LivinginPeace Project. Paul originally from Australia, but have been living in New Zealand for 14 years. Before that he was in Japan for a decade working as a journalist. He met his wife Sanae in Japan and they married in 2008.
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