Where’s BaBear?

“Ba” means “Boo” in Japanese and “BaBear” is the name given to our daughter Diva’s little panda, which she received as a gift from a nice lady at the Novotel Hotel near Auckland Airport. We stayed there on the way to and from Australia on our recent trip to Adelaide.

Diva was given a choice of several soft toys and she chose BaBear.

Of all her toys; including Murphy, Cow, Tigger, Gooby, Twitty, HeffaLump, Roo, Wog and Thing, BaBear is by far and away her most favorite.



















We have invented a game called “Where’s BaBear” in which we hide BaBear around the house and Diva looks for him and eventually finds him. She’s very good at this game and we have not yet managed to hide him successfully…she’s found him every time.



This was a difficult one…BaBear was hidden here by our friend Luke…but Diva found him in half an hour.

RGO_1021-2 RGO_1021 RGO_1022-2 RGO_1022 RGO_1023-2 RGO_1023-3 RGO_1023-4 RGO_1023 RGO_1024-2 RGO_1024-3
RGO_1029-2 RGO_1029-3 RGO_1029 RGO_1030-2 RGO_1030-3 RGO_1031-2 RGO_1031 RGO_1032 RGO_1033 RGO_1035 RGO_1036 RGO_1037 RGO_1046 RGO_1049 RGO_1050 RGO_1054 RGO_1060 RGO_1062 RGO_1068-2 RGO_1068 RGO_1069 RGO_1070-2 RGO_1070-3 RGO_1070 RGO_1071 RGO_1072 RGO_1073-2 RGO_1073 RGO_1074
RGO_1076 RGO_1077-2 RGO_1079-2 RGO_1079 RGO_1081 RGO_1083 RGO_1087 RGO_1089

BaBear II

RGO_1092 RGO_1094 RGO_1098 RGO_1211 RGO_1212 RGO_1220 RGO_1223

When she finds BaBear, she points and says “Ba.” We congratulate her for being so clever and then help her to retrieve him. She always grabs him and looks at him as if to say, “What on Earth were you doing in there you naughty BaBear!”

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Paul Murray is the founder of the LivinginPeace Project. www.livinginpeace.com Paul originally from Australia, but have been living in New Zealand for 14 years. Before that he was in Japan for a decade working as a journalist. He met his wife Sanae in Japan and they married in 2008.
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2 Responses to Where’s BaBear?

  1. rossy says:

    Ok that’s it im now growing to love this little ha bear .
    its like where’s wally ! ..it used to amuse me for hours .
    how clever can you get with bidding places? How clever is diva at finding be bear ? 🙂

    • Thanks Rossy, Diva is excellent at this game and we’re running out of hiding places…Diva actually started hiding BaBear for us and she’d pretty creative with BaBear hiding places…as you’ll see in the next post coming soon to a computer near you!

      I can’t wait for you to meet Diva, she’s definitely our greatest achievement!

      Lots of LOVE from Sunny Karamea,


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