Postcards from Rongolia: Summer 2014/15…Thanks Y’all!!

Yuki with Sheep WED_9998 WED_3315 WED_3314 WED_3312 WED_3310 WED_3305 WED_3296 WED_3269 WED_3266 WED_3265 WED_3256 WED_3244 WED_3237 WED_3236 WED_3229 WED_3223 WED_3211 WED_3205 WED_3190 WED_3173 WED_3172 WED_3166 WED_3153 WED_3149 WED_3140 WED_3136 WED_3135 WED_3125 WED_3086 WED_3082 WED_3070 WED_3066 WED_3062 WED_3039 WED_3034 WED_3027 WED_3025 WED_3019 WED_3015 WED_3014 WED_3007 WED_2997 WED_2993 WED_2976 WED_2975 WED_2971 WED_2962 WED_2959 WED_2955 WED_2941 WED_2937 WED_2935 WED_2913 WED_2907 WED_2905 WED_2904 WED_2879 WED_2875 WED_2873 WED_2872 WED_2871 WED_2868 WED_2859 WED_2851 WED_2833 WED_2827 WED_2819 WED_2818 WED_2812 WED_2653 WED_2647 WED_2616 WED_2607 WED_2604 WED_2593 WED_2485 WED_2477 WED_2472 WED_2470 WED_2467 WED_2439 WED_2418 WED_2410 WED_2317 WED_2315 WED_2293 WED_2244 WED_2239 WED_2211 WED_2197 WED_2128 WED_2123 WED_2117 WED_2115 WED_2061 WED_2004 WED_1996 WED_1945 WED_1943 WED_1937 WED_1935 - Version 2 WED_1917 WED_1915 WED_1909 WED_1898 WED_1897 WED_1890 WED_1889 WED_1888 WED_1887 WED_1884 WED_1883 WED_1880 WED_1877 WED_1875 WED_1873 WED_1870 WED_1868 WED_1866 WED_1864 WED_1863 WED_1861 WED_1859 WED_1858 WED_1857 WED_1856 WED_1852 WED_1851 WED_1850 WED_1840 WED_1821 WED_1813 WED_1782 WED_1593 WED_1573 WED_1503 WED_1499 WED_1468 WED_1422 WED_1154 WED_1059 WED_1043 WED_1037 WED_1022 WED_1016 WED_1003 WED_1002 WED_0990 WED_0987 WED_0979 WED_0965 WED_0962 WED_0960 WED_0957 WED_0955 WED_0945 WED_0943 WED_0942 WED_0938 WED_0926 WED_0921 WED_0893 WED_0880 WED_0878 WED_0872 WED_0866 WED_0860 WED_0796 WED_0788 WED_0743 WED_0693 WED_0674 WED_0559 WED_0539 WED_0492 WED_0481 WED_0456 WED_0383 WED_0382 WED_0379 WED_0374 WED_0369 WED_0354 WED_0343 WED_0329 WED_0328 WED_0327 WED_0274 WED_0262 WED_0223 WED_0219 WED_0214 WED_0208

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About LivinginPeaceProject

Paul Murray is the founder of the LivinginPeace Project. Paul originally from Australia, but have been living in New Zealand for 14 years. Before that he was in Japan for a decade working as a journalist. He met his wife Sanae in Japan and they married in 2008.
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