Super Moo the Karamea Wonder Dog

By Paul Murray

The Buller District Council classified “Moo” as a “dangerous dog” after an alleged incident that occurred in 2006 when he was about a year old.

Paul in 2004

Moo in 2004 Age 1 Principle Interest: Stick Chasing

I had to go to Greymouth and he really wanted to come with me, but I was unable to take him, so I tied him up in front of my house with a bone and a bowl of water and arranged for a friend (Brian) to come by and collect him after I had gone.

Between the time I left and Brian arriving, a local woman walked by and saw Moo looking a bit down in the mouth and approached him. Every dog manual in the world states that you should never approach lone dog on a chain, but that aside, she apparently tired to pat him and he allegedly nipped her on the leg resulting in a bruise on her inner thigh…there were no teeth marks and the skin was not broken, so it was hardly a viscous attack, if indeed it happened at all. It’s also likely that Moo felt threatened, and that he was protecting his bone and his territory…and my property.

Dangerous Dog on the Loose…QUICK…Call the Council!

I now know that the woman in question has a reputation for being somewhat economical with the truth and was later convicted of theft and fraud for stealing money from her employer. If indeed Moo did nip the woman, it is unfortunate, but I’m not convinced it even happened and I should have counter-charged her for trespass…However, I chose to face the music, man up and take responsibility for my actions and my dog and face the consequences…BIG mistake.

As a result of the alleged “attack” I was branded by the Council as am “irresponsible dog owner” and Moo as a “dangerous dog.” Of course I contested the ruling and I was invited to a “hearing” at the Biller District Council in Westport, which meant I had to travel to Westport in my own time and expense to attend the hearing.

On arrival, I met with the Senior Dog Control Officer and was shown to a small backroom where I met two Councillors. The first, who’s name was (I kid you not) John Lennon, who was a real estate agent and the other, Margaret Montgomery, owns a holiday park.

Moo and Friends 2007

It was evident from the get go that whatever I said, whatever evidence I submitted in Moo’s defence, any counter argument, reasoning or plea was not going to change the Council ruling, so it was in fact a total farce and the “hearing” was a further waste of my time and money and an entirely pointless exercise. Out of frustration and maddened by the absurd allegations and the obstinacy of the Councillors, I said, “OK, John, you’re a real-estate agent and Margaret, you own a holiday park, what qualifications do either of you have to determine the nature of a dog?” “Surely I am equally as qualified as either of you, especially as I am familiar with the dog…neither of you have even seen him!”

Mee’n’Moo 2007

That got me to the next level, it was like a computer game, I had got past stage 1 and I now got to meet a guy called Terry Archer, who has a title something like “Senior Compliance Officer,” or something like that. Terry agreed that the two esteemed Councillors lacked the requisite qualifications to assess the character of a dog, but the bad news for me was that once the Council had made a ruling and that it had been upheld at a hearing, there was no further recourse, meaning that the Council’s ruling was the last word and I there was no other legal avenue open to me, I couldn’t take it to court as the Council had the jurisdiction to make a final ruling on the matter and the court would not hear the case.

I had to accept the ruling, which had all sorts of additional ramifications, such as Moo was now classified as a “dangerous dog” and I an “irresponsible dog owner,” his dog registration fees now incurred a 150% surcharge, he was required to be castrated, micro-chipped, restrained at all times, walked only on a lead and when muzzled.

Moo is not a Pitt-bull terrier, a Mastiff, a Rottweiler or a Mountain Lion…he’s a Border Collie! He likes chasing balls, retrieving sticks, working the sheep, lot of exercise, activity, mental challenge and having his tummy scratched…he is a spirited, intelligent, friendly, funny and loyal friend to myself and many people from around the world. He is an icon at Rongo Backpackers, as is trained to lead people on walks around the Karamea Estuary…he even has his own FaceBook Page (, which wasn’t started by me, it was made by one of his many friends and he now has 370 FaceBook followers…I ask you dear reader, if this dog was in any way dangerous, do you really think this would be the case?

Dangerous Dog on the Loose…QUICK…Call the Council!

The latest harassment from the Buller District Council is a $300 fine for Moo being walked off lead and unmuzzled…I consider it my civic duty to refuse to pay this fine and to defend my dog yet again against this repressive and patently ludicrous ruling…stupid laws should be broken, please write a few words in support of Moo, so that I might take it to the Council and finally get some closure on this madness…By the Way, Moo is now eight years old (which is 56 in human years), he’s more interested in sleeping in the sun and chewing his bone than attacking anything…he is not dangerous, he’s not a threat to anyone or anything…many of you reading this will know Moo…please take a few moments to write in support of his freedom…I refuse to restrain and muzzle my old loyal friend, I instead want to give him a peaceful end to his happy life to thank him for all the joy he has given us…please tell the Buller District Council what time it is…COMMON SENSE TIME!

Gallery of Photos of Moo NOT being Dangerous (I have thousands more and not one of them shows Moo being aggressive or threatening in any way)





Moo is a LivinginPeace Project treasured icon, he has helped our business and given our many customers a great time when they were staying with us…please add your comments below in support of Moo and let the Buller District Council know in no uncertain terms that enough is enough….FREE SuperMOO!!

About LivinginPeaceProject

Paul Murray is the founder of the LivinginPeace Project. Paul originally from Australia, but have been living in New Zealand for 14 years. Before that he was in Japan for a decade working as a journalist. He met his wife Sanae in Japan and they married in 2008.
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129 Responses to Super Moo the Karamea Wonder Dog

  1. Moo… hates rainy days and he is feeling a bit down. Absolute softy! He might be a bit of a fool but he’s not dangerous!!

  2. Matt Ball says:

    Moo is in no way a harmful animal. Anyone could see that. Complaints would be made against the backpackers if he was. This seems more like a personal attack, or the council not wanting to admit that they’re wrong. And the fact that the allegator has now been convicted of dishonest crimes… Well, I don’t think it takes a genius to figure this situation out… I’ll support this as much as I can.

  3. louca says:

    I support! Free super Moo! Moo is a great dog indeed

  4. bob tatnell says:

    super moo, a sheep dog, sat next to a skinny helpless lamb
    and was more interested in the camera!
    the photos tell the story
    he’s a sook
    the trespass was an avenue to a travesty
    the dog is obviously trusted!
    and trustworthy
    as a human accustomed to many border collies
    I can see that this dog is a normal, fun loving, stick fetching, playful dog
    acting in a normal range of behaviours
    humans respond positively to a dog so loved and lovable as can be easily observed
    super moo is so open, so cooperative, so willing to please, so forgiving
    could be a lesson here

  5. gotjosh says:

    Free super Moo!!! I can’t imagine what is motivating the council to try this stuff, but i just pray for logic and truth to prevail. With compassion for their situation (whether it be motivated by money, politics, power struggle, or otherwise)… Moo is free! and likely a better citizen than many humans!

  6. lucretia perkins says:

    I was a full time part of the living in peace project in 2004 – 2005 for an 8 month period, and grew to know Paul and Moo well, I spent all my time working and living at both Rongo backpackers and the Karamea motels, I am a responsible dog owner myself and want to take the time to say that Moo is no threat to the public and Paul is a responsible dog owner as seen in my time spent living on both these properties. This issue needs to be revisited by the council, and have the title of dangerous dog and unresponsible dog owner lifted.
    Lucretia Perkins.

  7. Teri Sawers says:

    This all sounds bewilderingly wrong. Free Moo ! He’s a lovely dog I remember our walk around the estuary happily ……… Teri

  8. Clara Palmer says:

    I can’t believe that Moo would ever be classed as a dangerous dog. I took Moo on walks over 20 times during my stay in Karamea and he always behaved well. He’s a good-natured, friendly dog who enjoys the company of people.

  9. manuel says:

    could you counter it somewhat quantifiably? make an assessment with close neighbours. how often they see him going loose, and if any incidents did occur during that time. shoot up something smart, good questions, sensible ratings. ask at least a dozen close neighbours.
    I think that gives the council a reasonable base to step back from their claims. if they want to keep face, pay that fine, but insist on them dropping any restrictions.

    • Thanks Manu, I am compiling a body of evidence to support my claim that Moo is not dangerous, I see paying the fine as being an admission that Moo is dangerous, which I have never agreed to and never will. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, and please come and see us again sometime soon.

  10. Stuart Murphy says:

    Are they serious? How can a “dangerous” dog with an “irresponsible” owner who runs a backpackers and has multiple strangers passing through it on a daily basis still be labelled as such.

    With 1 “mistake” on its record. If it was indeed dangerous, there would be a procession of injured people queueing up to complain about such a viscous and dangerous animal. All this over the testimony of 1 woman EIGHT YEARS AGO…………. which resulted in a bruise… a bruise…. that alone should portray how dangerous moo is, he didn’t even bite and draw blood…. /sigh…. I really feel for you paul, I thought the UK legal system was a joke but this is a new one to me, and believe me, I read about how messed up our system is an awful lot.

    I would love to believe you also have tonnes of video footage showing that for the last eight years this dangerous animal has played happily with hundreds of people without savaging them. I wouldn’t pay a penny to these idiots. Surely it takes more than the testimony of one woman with a bruise against a plethora of testimonies from people all over the planet that moo is an amazingly friendly (and beautiful) collie, with a great personality and has never caused any harm to any one of them. This alone should beyond any reasonable doubt prove that moo is quite the opposite of dangerous and begs the question, what did this woman do to cause moo to react in a slightly aggressive manner, but shouldn’t even come close to being labelled as dangerous.

    I hope common sense prevails, for my own sanity, I really really do.

    • Thanks Murf, great comment and I will do my utmost to ensure that common sense prevails, however, as we both know, common sense seems to have left the building some time ago…I will not be paying the fine, I’ll go to jail if necessary, but the Council will not be receiving any (more) $pondoolie from me for this farcical scam. Hope you’re well, come and visit us again sometime soon, Regards from Sunny Karamea, Paul.

  11. elise london says:

    That is just silly. He’s the sweetest dog ever. That’s why he’s called Super Moo.

  12. Isaac says:

    I found the Rongo backpackers thanks to Moo, I was walking at Karamea and that really smart dog showme the way to the backpackers, the many days that I decide to stay at Karamea (10 if I don’t remember wrong) I felt really confortable with Moo, is a friendly, nice and smart dog, many times I went to have a walk on the beach and Moo follow me (or I should say he guide me). I have been traveling now for years, and I think that of all the hostals, cities, hotels, countries, backpackers, places I have stay it’s the only one dog I remember, not only the name Moo, but also his good dees and lovely way to treat the tourist as me. I remember Karamea as my second home, my eyes went blury when I saw a picture of me in this post, with all the people that I meet at Aotearoa, with Moo and Paul celebrating Christmas. Best wishes for Moo!
    Isaac Mallol.

  13. Brigid Sundborn says:

    To classify Moo as a dangerous dog it beyond belief. While living in Christchurch for 2 years over 2008-2009 we stayed as a family at Paul Murray’s Karamea motel multiple times. At the time our 3 children aged between 8 and 13 very much enjoyed Moo’s playful and gentle nature. As a parent I felt totally comfortable allowing them to play with Moo without any adult supervision. Moo never in this time displayed any aggression. I am very saddened to hear that he may have to be have to be walked only on lead and muzzled! He is a very well socialised

    • Thanks for your sage comments Briddy, the support for Moo has been overwhelming…people from all over the world weighing in to send an unequivocal message to the Buller District Council that Moo is in no way dangerous and further harassment and badgering on the subject will not be acceptable to myself, Moo, or his many fans!

  14. Brigid Sundborn says:

    Sorry I hit post before finishing my sentence- happy to write it out again though.
    Anyway- Moo is a very well socialized dog and I feel it is not only unnecessary to keep him on a leash and muzzled but also cruel.

  15. Luc says:

    Free Super Moo. After 4 months in Karamea and around 50 or 60 roundtrip from Rongo to the estuary or the beach, Moo has never been agressive or dangerous. He starts to be old and his major hobby is running after the sticks you throw or playing with his old friend Rusty.
    And just a question. How people are so sure that is Moo the problem ? There are at least ten other Border Collie in Karamea, trained for sheep work (so could be agressive if the owner is not here), all black and white like Moo ? But because an old vicious woman complained, Paul receive a fine.
    So why the Buller District is ready to trust blindly a woman who has stolen money in the past and not a honest Karamea citizen (Paul), owner of several well-rated business (maybe that’s the problem?) ? Is there any political or economical interest behind that story ? Anyway, I just don’t understand how the voice of one people is more important than another. Paul and Moo should be listened as well as this woman. Free Super Moo, he is harmful….we all love him…
    ( Excuse my poor english)

    • Hey Luc, thanks for your excellent comment, your English is fine and your message clear and lucid…(in the last sentence, perhaps you mean “Free Super Moo, he is NOT harmful…we all love him…” Right? Other than that omission, the comment sends a loud and clear message from someone who is actually familiar with the dog that he is NOT DANGEROUS!!

      I like your reference to the fact that I own and operate several respected businesses in the region…I’ve been a Buller District Council ratepayer for over 15 years, I have supported the Council consistently since moving here 10 years ago, bring economic benefit to the Buller District, employ people directly and indirectly…I think it’s high time the Council began supporting me and other ratepayers and remembering that they are elected public servants…who should be working with us not against us…I am VERY TIRED of the continual badgering, money gouging, personal persecution, top-down, authoritarian approach of some BDC Councillors and employees to the very people who they should be serving and supporting…It’s not my dog you should be worrying about!

      • Luc says:

        Hi Paul and Moo, sorry for the time I took to reply but yes for sure, you have to correct me, I forgot the “not” in my last sentence. (which ruined my general speech but people understood I guess…) And yep, bloddy council, let Moo and Paul alone…or you never know…

  16. Brian Heagney says:

    I echo the above comments. I have spent roughly thirty days in Moo’s company over the course of seven years, and can personally vouch that his good-natured exuberance and gentle soul are rivalled only by his incompetence in the actual matter of marshalling sheep. This accusation is a travesty, a clear case of political vendetta. I have met more ravening Pomeranians than Moo.

  17. Morgane and François says:

    What a silly decision ! Come on ! During 2 weeks, Francois and I were in Rongo with Moo. We never had any trouble with him actually he was so funny and helpful when we needed directions for a walk. At the backpacker for 8 years, Moo used to meet so many travellers (and so foreigners to him) from all over the world. He has always welcomed them with a lot of love. Moo is so intelligent and his favorite activity was catching a wood stick or loosing our frisbee in the sea ^^
    We can’t believe that people (who have never seen Moo before) want him on a leash and muzzle ! You’re perfectly right Paul to strike against this stupid rule. We’d like to say so much more but my english is getting not as good as it used to be ^^
    Free Super Moo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Frenchies Friends Moo –

    • Ahhhh…friends from across the world…thank you so much for your support and kind words on behalf of Moo, who as you say, has met people from all over the world…many more than the insular xenophobes who seek to have his freedom restricted…thanks you guys!

  18. Brian Heagney says:

    Should have read ‘Pomeranians more ravening than Moo’- doh. I only hope your nemeses’ grammatical ignorance is a match for their bureacratic vindictiveness.

  19. Oh Buller District Council, would that I could compare thee to a slightly dessicated chimp turd. Sadly, you are not yet that high on the scale of evolution.
    I have lived under a fascist dictatorship that demonstrated more reason and accountability than your organisation.
    I know dear old Moo well, and he does not have a dangerous bone in his body.

  20. andy gardiner says:

    Moo is the best! I’ve never met a dog that loves people more than Moo does!

  21. Kaylee says:

    I had a golden retriever for 15 years. He was gentle, patient and suffered many small children clambering on him, pulling his tail and getting in his face. He never barked, threatened or growled, scratched or bit. If he had a bone, he would possess over it and growl fiercely if anyone approached. It would not have surprised me if he’d nipped too. It’s absolutely standard behaviour for dogs to behave like that. This threshold and decision parades absurdity. All dogs are dangerous by such weak minded beaurocratic naysays.

    I’ve met Moo. I gave him a cold soapy bath in an oil drum, which he absolutely hated. He was fine. He let me get right into his space, manhandle him most indelicately, boss him around and then dunk him awkwardly into deep and freezing water.

    Moo is always around many guests, constant new faces and different personalities.

    He’s fine.

    • Thanks Kaylee for your pertinent and personal account of your relationship with Moo and your understanding of dogs…I think you should apply for a job as the Senior Animal Control Officer at the Buller District Council as you seem to have a far better understanding of dogs than the current holder of that office.

  22. Richard Mac Polin I lived and worked with Moo in Karamea for several months during both 2004 and 2005. I can honestly say that during that time he was one of the most generous and conscientious members of the village. He never hesitated to offer to play fetch, and was always will to accept hugs and smooches from everyone who encountered him with an open heart. His behavior on the street was exemplary, often guiding newcomers through the labyrinthine streets of Karamea, or showing his followers the way to the beach or up into the forrest. He actually listens when called or talked to, and is forever giving of his gregarious self to others. Moo is infinitely more deserving of a role in public office than of any kind of restraining order. I look forward to working with Moo and his friends again soon. Sincerely, RichaMacP.

    From Richard MacPolin via FaceBook

  23. ‎”common sense” from the council that wanted to poison us with fluoride ? ha ha ha good one. moo is not dangerous!

    From Age “Rangi” Wills via FaceBook

  24. Common sense from the BDC…YEAH RIGHT!!

  25. He’s so undangerous He’s just about a pussy

    From Paul John Hunter via FaceBook

  26. shoot the council? they seem more dangerous than the fabulous Moo.

    From Michael Reeves via FaceBook

  27. Thanks Reevso, an entertaining thought there, but I believe there are some ACTUAL and REASONABLE laws that would prevent me from taking such an action…and fortunately, I don’t have a gun!

  28. I just can’t even begin to get my head round that, clearly a case of severely anally retentive bureaucrats going viral!!

    From Lisa Evered via FaceBook

  29. Thanks Lisa…at what point the Council accepts that it’s original decision was erroneous will be the measure of how anally retentive and bureaucratic they really are…the initial decision was WRONG and should be RESCINDED!!

  30. MR. Moo, meet pussy riot, a very civilized society.

    From Robert Bruce Bushway via FaceBook

  31. Well, I may yet got to jail over this M8, but just like Pussy Riot, I will not accept this continual bureaucratic badgering and harassment from the Senior Animal Control Officer or the Buller District Council any longer…FREE SuperMoo NOW!!

  32. This is time-consuming bureaucratic insanity. A waste of resources that could be poured into something productive. Where do I sign?

    From Teri Sawers via FaceBook

  33. Precisely Teri, I’ve no doubt there are some actually dangerous dogs in the Buller District, but Moo isn’t one of them…do you damn job Senior Animal Control Officer!!

  34. …time for the govt to go away, or we will make it go away!

    From NomadCanuck via FaceBook

  35. …..are you talking about a revolution there young fella? Damn, that’d be a good idea! Power to the People RIGHT ON!

  36. Why after 8 years are the council been DICKS pray tell!!

    From Jenny Nield via FaceBook

  37. …it’s a case of not wanting to admit error Jenny…that and Westport-based Council officials having absolutely NO IDEA what goes on in Karamea.

  38. Paul, cannot find a way to write this comment on the photo of Moo. Knowing you to be a lover of jokes and pranks, my first thought was that you were joking! Moo…dangerous?!
    Plainly a ludicrous concept to anyone who has met Moo! He is an extremely intelligent, obedient, sensible, welcoming dog, every day meeting multiple strangers and welcoming them into his home territory like the gentleman he is!
    Man,woman and child, as I have seen for myself.
    He is an integral part of what makes Rongos such a wonderful home away from home. I am sure also comforting to those travellers who have been away perhaps from their own pets for some time, and appreciate very much the opportunity to enjoy the company of the beautiful and gentle dog,Moo.
    I cannot think of any scenario which could have prompted this label,Paul! Trusting that good sense will prevail, and Moo recognized for the beautiful being he is. Go Well, paul and Moo!!

    From Kamura Joy De Silva via FaceBook

  39. Kamura Joy De Silva Of course…it’s the Truth!

    • Ka-Mu-Ra De Silva says:

      Paul, even before reading the whole decidedly dodgey tale……which “allegedly”!! happened 8 YRS AGO!!!?…..the “charge” of dangerous dog was patently ridiculous!! NOW after reading…even more so!! People get less for murder!! And other horific crimes!! EVEN IF it ever did actually happen…most doubtful!
      I love NZ …this bureaucratic stupidity is very very disappointing to read.
      Yet, I am sure sense will prevail! The Truth certainly will, as we ALL KNOW MOO!!

      • Yep, I’ve been subjected to numerous personal attacks, slanderous comments, innuendo, branded a “hippie,” etc, etc…but I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere soon…I have been operating a legitimate business here for almost 10 years, I am a ratepayer, taxpayer, employer, I am involved in numerous community initiatives, my activities have boosted the local economy and brought a lot of $$$ into the region, I have built a solid reputation, despite efforts by a few to discredit and ridicule me…How about some support Buller District Council? How about working with ALL your constituents rather than a select few Old School Tie buddies? How about a change of local government? How about pruning the dead wood out of the Council????? I am not the only one who thinks this way…and the situation with MOO is just the tip of the iceberg…remember you are elected public servants, you are not a law unto yourselves and your personal interests.

        People are watching…and they’re not liking what they see…not a good look BDC…it’s time for a change!

        Thanks for your support Kamura,

        Regards from Sunny Karamea (an absolutely WONDERFUL place, despite the autocratic nature of some Councillors and BDC employees),


  40. Matthew Ridgeway says:

    Goodness I don’t know what to say…. Honestly…. I’ve been following this story for the past week and wondering what I can say to contribute to Moo’s case. I have to say that my heart is sad as I definitely see this as an injustice. There are so many things to say about Moo and my experiences with him since I first met him when he was a small pup up until earlier this year. I guess firstly I’d like to point out how obedient he is. In all the months I have spent living in Karamea over the years I have spent many days taking him along on walks (or perhaps more aptly, Moo taking me on walks!) around the local area. Moo has always taken direction from me when I have called him to come to me when a car is approaching along the road and he has always obeyed when I have called him to me when wondering off a little too far for my comfort.
    Moo has many friends both in Karamea and around the world. I have seen him escort many people on walks around the local area, to the beach or around the estuary. He is an intelligent and caring dog who really is much like a human tour guide.
    One of the many stories that really stand out for me regarding Moo is that earlier this year Moo escorted a dear friend of mine (Nikki) to the local beach where she wished to go for a swim one afternoon. Upon her return Nikki told me that as she got closer and closer to the water Moo would bark louder and louder and sheppard her away from the water. Nikki’s said that she knew that Moo was obviously trying to stop her from entering the water as it was too dangerous. It is known by all locals that the Karamea beach can be a very dangerous place, and it appears that Moo is aware of this as well.
    There are many, many, many stories that I could articulate to express just how much of an intelligent and caring dog Moo is. I won’t say Moo is harmless because ultimately he is an animal, he is a dog and he does have teeth. But in all the years I have known Moo I have not once seen him act in a way that justifies the accusations against him or the punishment. When I first heard the story of Moo supposedly biting this neighbour eight years ago I really questioned the truth behind it. I do not know this person nor have I met her. I find it curious that there was no blood drawn, that there was apparently only a bruise, that there were no witnesses or any other accusations against Moo, that this person has a criminal record, that the local council has not appropriately investigated this matter by making judgments about a case from afar and not having come to gain insight by meeting Moo.
    This really does make me feel helpless and sad for Moo and any other local dogs who are not muzzled and walk freely. I am not versed in the laws of the area but it does seem like there is more to this case, about an incident that occurred eight years ago, than just this incident.
    If by chance you are reading my words as part of Paul and Moo’s case please see that there needs to be a more thorough investigation conducted and more evidence taken into account. I really don’t see the point or the justice in punishing a dog for an incident that occurred eight years ago. That is half of Moo’s life time! An incident where the evidence against Moo is very ‘loose’. I can only say the Moo is not a dangerous dog and plead with you too reconsider your descision after conducting a more thorough investigation. I am confident that upon further investigation you will see that what you are led to believe about Moo has misled you….

    Warm regards,

    Matthew Ridgeway

  41. Rondi says:

    Andy and I can not imagine that Moo could be a danger to anyone at any time he is such a lovely dog and very much a part of your community. I am sorry you are having to suffer this beaurcratic nightmare I pray it all turns out the right way for everyone esplecially Moo

  42. Ralph says:

    I have seen Moo on a number of occasions helping little old ladies across Waverley Street, picking up litter, playing hacky sacky at Rongo and I understand he even has his own Radio Show on Radio Karamea 107.5 FM!

    Shame on you naughty people from the Buller District Council for persecuting a Karamea Icon!

  43. bernie marr says:

    I remember moo as a whippersnapper when the supposed incident happened. It was a load of crap then and time has made the story even more farcical. Keep moo a lively free spirit!

    • That’s right, you were here when the initial “incident” apparently happened. Thanks for your comment Bernie. As a puppy, Moo played with and grew up with your fox terrier Namu. To this day, most folk who first see Moo think he’s a female as he mimicked Namu and is rather effete in the way he walks and generally comports himself…He’s basically Namu reincarnated…a dangerous Namu?…I don’t think so! Thanks for your comment Bernie and please come on back and visit us and Moo sometime soon.

  44. Bekki says:

    Moo spends almost every day surrounded by people, many of whom are strangers to him, and not once in the months I\’ve spend in Karamea since 2008 have I seen Moo be anything other than friendly and playful.

    Also, Buller District Council might want to remind themselves that there is no such thing as a dangerous dog – dogs learn behaviour from their owners just like a child does from its parents. Maybe they should look into going after people who mistreat and abuse their dogs instead of punishing randomly selected dogs for no apparent reason, thereby actually doing something towards controlling the source of these so-called \”dangerous\” animals. Maybe, instead of wasting time and money on farce hearings and such, they should use the money they would have wasted and hire somebody who actually knows a bit about animals and why they react to certain situations in certain ways. I have kept border collies my whole life and know for a fact that, on the rare occasion they lash out, it is when they feel threatened or afraid themselves.

    As for the woman who made the original complaint about Moo all those years ago, she should have accepted personal responsibility for the incident having failed to follow the common-sense rule – a rule that most if not all people are taught from a very young age – that you don\’t approach an unattended dog, especially when they are on their own territory and more likely to feel defensive and even frightened if a stranger approaches. I don\’t see why you or Moo should have to be punished for this woman failing to use her sense and for trespassing on your property.

    • Thanks a lot Bekki, you know Moo better than most and you have a real affinity with the Old Chap. Thanks a lot for your special comment…Moo and I are very grateful.



    • Awesome comment Bekki…the classification of Moo at the very outset was wrong and, despite considerable effort at the time, I failed to correct the situation. If I’d known then what I know now, things would be rather different. It’s incredible that people with no qualifications and who had never even seen the dog were able to uphold the “dangerous” classification and that I had no further recourse in the matter…petty bureaucrats with a lust for power. There definitely needs to be a rethink on this process…There are no doubt dogs that actually are dangerous, but Moo isn’t one of them!

      I have never agreed with the classification of “Moo” as “dangerous,” or myself and an “irresponsible dog owner” and this is clearly on Council records. The classification is entirely unreasonable and I have disputed it constantly, so I will not be paying any fines relating to the classification as I totally disagree with the ruling and believe it is my civic duty not to comply with unreasonable Council judgements.

      If an independent assessment by a person qualified to determine the nature of a dog, such as an animal psychologist that concludes that my dog is dangerous, I will comply, until then I consider the entire process a farce and will not be party to it.

      I want the classification rescinded…I will then be applying to the Council for a full refund of the extra dog-registration fees I have been subjected to plus interest, compensation for being forced to castrate and micro-chip my dog and seek a full public apology for the persecution I have been subjected to by the dog control officer and the Council.

      Now, I have a business to run…so perhaps I’d better get onto that, but thanks a lot for your comment Bekki…as you actually know the dog and have spent considerable time with him, I rate your sentiments much higher than those of the Council officials who based their opinion on the spurious and subjective opinions of others rather than on actual experience and fact.



  45. From Leo via E-mail:

    Hi Paul and Sanae, Diva, and yahoo to Moo too.

    Moo is in no way an aggressive personality. He is an affable wuffable chap, rather like me as I should like to be at my best. Moo has been a great and affectionate companion, taking me out, often daily, for walks, and keeping me engaged to his contentment in throwing a stick, or many sticks over the course of months, out for him to fetch back to me, from the sea and from the river, as he knows that however oddly we humankind may be it is something that he indulges in us to keep us amused on the walks he takes us around the estuary, up the river, or over the low-tide river across to the sea beach and the oh so long way round back past the aerodrome.

    Moo, in the nature of the hostelry he so orderly runs, the Rongo backpacker and Karamea farm baches, meets many hundreds of strangers, and a few returning, every year, and is never fussed about differences of personality and is indeed, as hundreds of photos give evidence, always welcoming of strangers and visitors. He is a great show-off, and it is noted that on his ambles – guiding the indolent such as me and particularly visitors, and particularly moreso young women, around the estuary, he is a particularly playful and prancing, skiting, chap, dancing along the beaches, and running manfully into the sea or river – and the sea he otherwise than for showing-off to young women will avoid.

    So I look forward when I return to Karamea to being honoured and favoured by Moo to have him again take me out upon the sands and exercise me by ambling me along the waters’ edges.

    Please remark my fond regards to Moo, and please give him a hug from me. My company up here in the faraway muddy damp hills of the wintertide Moutere seems to be often only owls and plovers, and they disdain to engage familiarly with anyone. So I look forward to having Moo’s keen and smiling greetings. He is a lovely chap. Would that more folk would be of his pleasant nature.

    Cheers – and writing this, despite the cold late winter’s night, brings me to mind of the summer with Moo as my companion for those meanderings around the estuary.


  46. Thanks Leo, Moo misses you and is ready for a walk around the Karamea Estuary Walkway ( any time…we look forward to your next visit to Sunny Karamea, Cheers and thanks for supporting Moo, P.

  47. avi ablov says:

    first of all, knowing the canine in question I know you made the right decision, the Honorable Buller District Council. we in The Simon Wiesenthal Center were tracking MOO for almost six decades (in dog years) for his alleged contact with notorious anti-Semite groups in NZ who specialize in attacking women on private properties. we hope he will get what he deserves and justice will be served. by the way, at what prison will he be paying his dues to society?

    now, after I approached the matter in the same Kafkaesque manner you have dealt with the Super MOO affair, it’s time to tell the simple truth: MOO is a beloved friend and companion, who only by accident came to this planet as a dog. in maximizing the situation, he made everyone he met along the way, his owners, neighbours and guestomers of Paul and Sanae Murray, including myself, a happier person.

    I urge you, Buller District Council, stop bullying MOO.

    and always remember, “two legs good, four legs better (or at least as good).

    Avi Ablov, a MOO lover

    • Hi Avi, as a staffer at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, you’ll be well aware of how the Nazi application of fascist dogma can get well out of hand…this would appear to be the case in the treatment of Moo and parallels could be drawn between the treatment of your people last century and the actions of certain public servants and the Buller District Council in regard to the persecution of my dog Moo…of course this is a silly comment, but as you know, Moo is a Semite!

      I liked how you squeezed Franz Kafka and George Orwell into your comment as well…for the BDC ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, war is peace and poor old Moo is Joseph K on trial.

      Thanks for your humorous, but pertinent comment Old M8…I hope you can come and visit Moo and us again soon.

      Kind Regards from Sunny Karamea,

      The Rongolians.

      PS: Guy Geffen is her with us at the moment…it’s just like old times, but we need a good phone man!

  48. Karl says:

    Moo is one of the smartest and friendliest dogs I ever ever met an I grow up with animals – my farther is a vet and I had serveral dogs in my life. This story is absolutly ridiculous and I can´t believe that time, engergy and if you want so tax money is wasted on such a baseless claim – Everybody who has common sense I met Moo only for 5 minutes would understand that this is nothing else as a joke…

    • Hey Karl, good to hear from you M8 and thanks for your comments in support of Moo…he will be free, oh yes, he will be FREE!

      How’s life Old Fella?

      When are you coming back to see us?

      Regards from Sunny Karamea,


  49. Sachiko says:

    I love Moo! As see the Moo’s pictures, I feel very comfortable and I know Moo has
    best hospitality to everybody at all! Dangerous dog?? NO WAY!!

    • Thanks Sachiko, you haven’t even met Moo and you can already see what a pussy cat he is! Thanks for your comment and support, I hope we can visit Japan next year and I’d love to introduce you to our daughter Diva.



  50. Radek says:

    I have known Moo personally for almost 6 years and do interact with him quite often. Having been around dogs my whole life I can confidently say that Moo IS NOT dangerous.

    Anyone who actually met Moo could see that he is nice, well behaved, smart, obedient, friendly, well socialised, fun loving and a playful canine. Moo is in NO WAY a threat to the public.

    Moo is around people, mostly strangers to him every day and it would be crazy for Paul to run an accommodation business and to have Moo interact with his guests and play with children if Moo was aggressive in any way.

    What I find quite disturbing is the fact that at the time of the alleged incident Moo was tied up on Paul’s property and according to Buller District Council’s Animal Control rules he was actually compliant with the law which states:
    “Owners must ensure that dogs on their land or property are confined within the property so that they cannot leave of their own free will.”

    Regardless what happened on that day 8 years ago, according to BDC’s Animal Control rules Paul should have regained the status of a Responsible Dog Owner and been eligible for reduced registration fees three years after the alleged incident.

    Considering that Moo is very social and accustomed to run free and interact with people all the time, having him tided up can have some serious damaging effects on him.

    The whole matter needs to be reconsidered with all the facts presented.
    I can personally vouch for Moo’s character and innocence in this matter if necessary.


  51. Leave Moo alone
    Moo is a valuable local resident in Karamea

  52. Glen says:

    What a bloody joke! Moo wouldn’t hurt anyone; Border Collies don’t hurt anyone! I’m sick of this bureaurocratic nonsense from people who have no idea. I’ve met Moo numerous times over the years and he’s been nothing but joyful. He’s as much a part of the Karamea community as anyone, and to hear this ruling makes a complete mockery of common sense. You had me at “…and was later convicted of theft and fraud for stealing money from her employer…”. All credibility of this charge goes out the window, and if anything this woman was only looking for another avenue to exploit the system to her own (monetary) advantage.

    Wake up Bullar Regional Council!! A good rule in life to abide by is ‘Don’t be a dick’. In which case, these clowns at the council ought to be charged.
    Good luck Paul and Moo, look forward to seeing you both again soon!

  53. rebecca says:

    several years ago when moo was a pup, we visited Karemea. mydaughter then 4 was a bit timid with dogs. She played happily with Moo tho, and literally had him sitting and staying. She was very safe with Moo and I felt very comfortable too. Moo is a lively dog and gentle and obedient too

  54. guy geffen says:

    from what i know about dogs they give back what they r given,so, maybe should ask that women why she were traspassing on privte proporty, and she should b happy she didnt gut shot.
    supper moo is a good dog and friend he will never harm someone else.

  55. Jessica Joy McVean says:

    As a tourist to your beautiful country some years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Moo and Paul at the same time. OUR VERY FIRST MOMENTS IN KARAMEA WERE MADE ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF MOO. Moo took us, complete strangers, on a full tour of the estuary. During our stay at Rongo, I remember nothing other than a playful, gentle dog. I have spread my stories of traveling to anyone with an ear, and my story of New Zealand goes: My favorite, favorite place in all of New Zealand was a clever little town called Karamea. It is at the end of the road, and they have the greatest feature of all-a dog named Moo who will take you for a walk. 🙂 KARAMEA’S MASCOT.

    • JJMcV….Thank you so much for taking the time from your life adventure in to support Moo in his challenge for freedom. Moo is indeed a Karamea Mascot and an icon for Rongo…which means Peace…FREE MOO NOW!!

      As you say, Moo has touched many people from all over the world, he has been a loyal friend to me and brought much joy to many people…and he is NOT DANGEROUS!!

      Are you listening BDC? Pursuing this particularly ridiculous character assassination of my dog is damaging to my business!

      It defies commonsense and logic that I would trust the safety of my customers to a dangerous dog, but commonsense and logic seem alien concepts in this situation…time to back down BDC.

      Wherever you are right now JJ, be having BIG FUN,

      Love and Peace from Sunny Karamea,

      Your Friends Paul and Moo.

  56. Peter Taylor says:

    You sir, on the evidence of these photos, are guilty of having too many good times and wearing a rainbow striped jersey that is an affront to human decency. Society condemns this flagrant violation of the Buller District’s carry-a-chip-on-your-shoulder-and-gossip-about-your-neighbours code. Your dog is sentence to be muzzled and led on a chain!

    • Quite right…the fun police are seeking to detain me and my dog for enjoying life too much…and I still think it’s really me they want to muzzle!

      Thanks for your unusual comment and support Peter,

      Not going to squeeze in a Heaphy adventure this year?

      Only 17 more days!



  57. Natalie says:

    moo = dangerous?!
    moo is a picture-perfect dog: friendly, cute and always willing to pick up sticks. there is nothing dangerous about him.

  58. Mimi says:

    what a joke: i’m shocking with this stupid thing: MOO is a WONDERFUL DOG, a LOVELY DOG with whoi took a pleasure to go to the beach and play with him!!!
    it’s so ridiculous to consider him like dangerous: SCANDALOUS!!!!
    FREEE MOO : lovely dog of the world!!!!

    • Thanks MiMi…Scandalous indeed!! So many people have said the same thing…could it be that Moo really isn’t at all dangerous…read up and admit you are wrong Buller District Council…time to man up and admit error so that we can all get on with our respective lives!

      Thanks for your excellent comment Bubbles, we miss you!!



  59. Nigel Braddock says:

    I have had the pleasure of visiting Rongos a few times, usually with a van full of hairy musicians and I think if Moo was going to attack anybody it would be one of them. Needless to say, Moo was always totally cool and friendly with us, as he is with everybody. The council needs to stop acting like Putin and give this sweet dog a chance to enjoy his remaining years.

    • Well said Nigel, Free Pussy Riot…Free Moo NOW!! (You draw an interesting parallel between the autocratic policies of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and that of the Buller District Council…and here I was thinking I was living in a democracy!)

      Thanks for weighing in and supporting Old Moo.

      Regards from Sunny Karamea,


  60. Jules Besseling says:

    Hello Paul;
    I have not met Moo. But, it is obvious that he is a well adjusted and friendly dog. He IS a dog, not a human. I have owned several dogs in my lifetime and have interacted with many others. Sometimes I was npipped by one or the other, but deserved it in the dog’s eyes. Teasing any animal will usually incur some type of reaction.
    Dogs have senses of loyalty and protection. When approached on his own territory, without any of his trusted friends around, his instinct is to be defensive. Having a bone in his reach also makes him protective. For some daft woman to wander up to him on your private land is just plain crazy! It appears that there are some issues with this person’s mental state as well. Moo reacted to protect hiis domain and ward off an intruder. But, if he did nip the lady, he did it gently, as he would a sheep he was herding and controling. It wasn’t a vicious attack! If it had been an attack, he would have bitten the woman!
    It seems odd to me that the council members have no desire to personally investigate this issue, but stay put in their office and pass judgement with no sound proof. To impose such restrictions on you and Moo without even taking the time to investigate the “incident” smacks of malice and ceertainly is NOT justice! If you are being penalised under some transgression of law, it must therefore be handed out by someone with legal training and proper consideration of the facts. Not by some kangaroo court hearing with 2 councillors who know nothing about law or due diligence. Out of space!!

  61. Dear Paul / Buller District Council. ….I have nothing but wonderful memories of Super ” Moo “. What I remember vividly about Moo was his wonderful attitude …Moo just wanted his belly rubbed. What peaceful dog doesn’t ?. Moo has been trained to sit outside the Rongo rooms whilst everybody is eating , I stayed at Rongo Backpackers some 3 years ago and all I can say is that Paul Murray is the most devoted master of Moo the “super Dog “. Please , please allow Moo to spend the rest of his years in peace..Like life is meant to be lived. Amen…Jenni Love from Melbourne Australia.

  62. From Justin Redding via FaceBook:

    Justin Red-Ink What a bunch of crap Paul, sorry to hear you and Moo are having to go through this. Take it to the media! Campbell Live or Fair Go might be up for covering it. Nothing like a bit of national embarrassment to make a bunch of small town bureaucrats consider their conduct. It seems bizarre that it basically comes down to your word against hers. Surely if they’re deciding it on that basis, a quick comparison of character references in Karamea (or criminal history for that matter) will absolve you. Pah!

  63. Thanks M8…for the record, I have never had a criminal or civil conviction (or even charge) brought against me…I am, for the most part, a law-abiding, tax-paying, rate-paying, considerate and productive citizen…I am tired of being treated like a criminal by the Buller District Council…and the New Zealand Government for that matter…what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Now it’s guilty until you can prove yourself innocent!! There is a stack of compelling evidence that Moo is not dangerous and none (other than the speculative and subjective…and perhaps spiteful and petty unsubstantiated accusations of the Council and a few other folk with too much time on their hands)…Over it completely…let’s move on!

  64. I have known Paul Murray for well over a decade as a person of strong and excellent character. An inspirational human with a big heart and a potent will for fairness in life. This is the man who successfully started a union for the Japanese Yomiyuri Shinbun Newspaper’s workers workers when they were unjustly exploited.
    I’ve followed the progress of his projects in Karamea from the beginning and it’s been a true inspiration that has contributed to my family starting our own permaculture home project in Japan (Website below – inclusive of pictures of our own Border Collie for those who wish to see, but I digress).
    Paul is a man who truly makes a difference to others. So much is my trust in the person he is, I have been and will remain a willing & lifelong shareholder of the original Living in Peace Project. Paul Murray is NOT an irresponsible human being and through his character that touches those who know him I’m sure hundreds would attest that he is is NOT an irresponsible dog owner.

    It’s abundantly clear from the many photographs here that Moo is a well loved and cared for dog. That in itself is sign he is kept responsibly. As an owner of a 10 year old Border collie myself in Japan with previous experiences of other Border Collies, I am very familiar with this breed.
    They’re not agressive, especially if well treated, trained and loved. They love to explore, be near their owners and be part of a family, I have trusted our own Border Collie with both our small children when they were babies and she never marked either of them, ever. Border Collies make excellent and very loyal family pets, but being as friendly as they are they aren’t usually the greatest of guard dogs. They have other qualities. Being one of the most intelligent of breeds they have traditionally long been employed as hard working sheep dogs.
    Our own border collie has of course never been trained to herd sheep (When we put her amongst a herd at a children’s farm in Chiba, Japan earlier this year she was at a loss with what to do, much to the amusement myself, onlookers & the many curious sheep surrounding her)!

    When our own Border Collie has unfamiliar people pet her and she’s on a leash she sometimes ever so gently nibbles their shoes or ankles as they try to leave – as if to say, “stay and play with me, spend time with me please, I want to be with you!”.
    Yes – Border Collies have a natural herding instinct, but if you ask any shepherd with this breed if they bite hard and draw blood from the sheep they work with, you’ll find they never, ever do. Nor are they a breed known for attacking people or even other animals for that matter.

    It also follows that IF Moo were a dangerous animal, amongst many people he doesn’t know who have visitted Rongo over the years he’d have been the cause of further registered complaints in the last subsequent 8 years since the first and only one.
    The fact there are no others and he’s loved by so many people who have met him clearly speaks volumes,

    In life mistakes are made, that’s human.
    To brand Moo a dangerous dog and Paul Murray as an irresponsible dog owner are both clear mistakes. Mistakes are life’s ways of teaching us how to better ourselves.

    The council needs to look at it’s rules in these circumstances, as clearly there’s been several injustices as a result of incorrect rulings:
    For an individual to even be able to file a complaint when she has trespassed onto private land is questionable. For two councilors to make decisions without qualification, proper investigation or even meeting said dog is improper conduct and for their decision to be irreversible according to council rules makes the council’s judiciary system in this instance farcical.

    If it were me, I’d have refused to pay any increase in dog ownership taxes or any other charges levied and taken this to court if necessary. Any lawyer worth a grain of salt would make make the council’s inadequate diligence a form of legal entertainment in a court of law.

    Council members are there to serve their tax payers to the best of their ability. Like the humans who concoct them – rules & systems often aren’t perfect and where there are clear flaws then seeking better workable solutions would be the job of the council in instances as this.
    To refuse to accept they have made mistakes and realise this matter should never have been allowed to get this far only adds fuel to the fire and makes the council look incompetent.

    Although Paul has tried to keep the peace, the council has taken the pi$$ and one action has had the effect of corroding the other clearly without justification.

    • M8…when you want something done, ask a busy person!! Thanks for taking the time to write a book about me’n’moo!

      People from all over the world are watching the Buller District Council…not a good look Councillors, how about swallowing your pride and admitting error?

      Punishment is never a good approach to take with me, I prefer to look after my own affairs…but I accept full responsibility for my actions. If I am wrong, I will man up and accept the consequences…when I am wrongly accused, I will fight with everything I’ve got!

      Thanks for your ongoing support Miguel and I look forward to hosting your family in Sunny Karamea next year.



  65. Kate Winters says:

    Having personally met Moo a couple of years ago, he is a friendly good natured dog with an unquestionable temperament. As a dog trainer of many different breeds for more than 20 years, I know a dangerous dog when I see one and Moo is definitely NOT one. Any dog on his own territory with a bone would guard it. The woman was obviously an idiot and should have minded her own business.
    Paul Murray is an extremely responsible dog owner and Moo has every right to walk off leash wherever he pleases. Free Moo now!!!

    • Thanks Kate…I think your assessment of Moo’s character has far more credibility than that of the Council as you at least know what you’re talking about. You have the experience, qualifications and understanding of the nature of dogs to actually pass a reasoned judgement. The Councillors who determined Moo’s fate had no such training, experience or skills and hadn’t even seen the dog!

      My only regret is that I’ve waited eight years to bring this issue to public attention!

      Thanks a lot for your support and sage counsel Kate,

      You and your dogs are most welcome here any time,

      Regards from Sunny Karamea,


  66. ProHound says:

    Early one Sept eve, a colleague suggested I read an unbelievably ridiculous but true story headlining the Rongolian Star, about the Buller District Council’s unjust decision regarding Super Moo and Karamea Businessman Paul Murray. Seems the Council’s lickety-split conviction back in 2004 was based on utter nonsense, deficient in facts, lacking a credible witness, and suspiciously prejudice.

    Regarding the BDC rules for pet ownership they seem to be of the belief that: A person tramping illegally on private property, may disturb the peaceful resident hound, then file an “attacked by vicious dog” report with the BDC. The Council’s immediate course of action is to strip the good dog/good owner economic licensing status, brand the dog “dangerous” the owner “irresponsible”, demand dog alteration/chip implant, the dog be muzzled and forever imprisoned. Wonder what the SPCA would think of the BDC’s required imprisonment for “carefree Moo”. Rules are made to be followed which is exactly what Paul did as a responsible dog owner back in 2004 when he secured young Moo within his private sanctuary.

    As a responsible dog owner, I find the BDC ruling extremely absurd (utterly inconsistent with what common sense or experience tells us). In a similar type situation, the same ludicrous ruling could be dumped on any one of us good dog owners. What a nightmare.

    The Council cannot retract the damage of their reckless judgement made in 2004. However, under the circumstances, Buller District Councillors, et al., are morally responsible to rectify the situation in regards to Moo and his family.

    Well, BDC, the sooner you initiate a thorough “on site” investigation and actually meet Moo, the sooner you will come to your senses and see the error of the 2004 conviction upon a couple of innocent Karamea residents.

    The Buller Council’s credibility may be swiftly diminishing in the eyes of Coasters. Perhaps Council should expeditiously take sensible action in this matter.

    I respectfully request that Buller District Council rescind the unjust punishment branded on Moo and his family, and return to them the “good dog/responsible owner” status from 2004 forth. This honest deed might cleanse your shameful soles.

    Canine Caregiver/Karamea Ratepayer

    • Hi Canine Caregiver, thanks a lot for your thoughts on the subject of Moo’s dangerous dog classification. There are apparently 2,439 dogs registered with the Buller District Council (according to the BDC Dog Control Report 2010/11). Of those dogs, only six (6) are classified as “dangerous.” That is 0.25% of all dogs in the Buller are considered by the Council to be dangerous.

      I have to admit an error in my story, the classification from the Council was in 2006, not 2004 as I wrote…a letter from the Senior Dog Control Officer corrected me. Also, when the alleged biting incident occurred, Moo was tied up in front of my house, across the road, well away fro the footpath, tied to a fence near a cow paddock, so he was not technically on my property.

      The Buller Council is able to rescind the ruling, but they are thus far too arrogant, proud and ignorant to do so.

      33BObjection to classification of dog under section 33A
      (1)If a dog is classified under section 33A as a menacing dog, the owner—
      (a)may, within 14 days of receiving notice of the classification, object in writing to the territorial authority in regard to the classification; and
      (b)has the right to be heard in support of the objection.
      (2)The territorial authority considering an objection under subsection (1) may uphold or rescind the classification, and in making its determination must have regard to—
      (a)the evidence which formed the basis for the classification; and
      (b)any steps taken by the owner to prevent any threat to the safety of persons or animals; and
      (c)the matters relied on in support of the objection; and
      (d)any other relevant matters.
      (3)The territorial authority must, as soon as practicable, give written notice to the owner of—
      (a)its determination of the objection; and
      (b)the reasons for its determination.
      Section 33B: inserted, on 1 December 2003, by section 21 of the Dog Control
      Amendment Act 2003 (2003 No 119).

      I have consistently and persistently rejected the classification, I have, as the article details, rejected the classification as ludicrous, I have attended a hearing…all to no avail. I have also had my dog castrated, microchipped, and I have paid a premium on my dog registration fees for the pas six years as a result of the erroneous classification…but now I have totally had enough…I reasonably ask the Council to rescind the classification immediately!

      I have never agreed with the classification of “Moo” as “dangerous,” or myself and an “irresponsible dog owner” and this is clearly on your records. The classification is entirely unreasonable and I have disputed it constantly, so I will not be paying any fines relating to the classification as I totally disagree with the ruling and believe it is my civic duty not to comply with unreasonable Council judgements.

      If you can provide me with an independent assessment by a person qualified to determine the nature of a dog, such as an animal psychologist that concludes that my dog is dangerous, I will comply, until then I consider the entire process a farce and will not be party to it.

      The original complaint, which was never thoroughly examined, came from a person who is known to be economical with the truth and has been convicted of fraud and theft. I contested the classification, as you know, and two councillors, neither of whom have even seen the dog, and neither of whom are in any way qualified to determine the nature of a dog, upheld the ruling after it was passed on to a more senior Council official who informed me that once the Council makes a determination, there is no further recourse. So if the Council like to take the matter to court, perhaps we could all get some closure on this persistent badgering of myself and my dog by Senior Dog Control Officer the Buller District Council and ensure that a more equitable process is instigated that will prevent other Buller ratepayers from being harassed in this way.

      Once the ruling is overturned, I will be applying to the Council for a full refund of the extra dog-registration fees I have been subjected to plus interest, compensation for being forced to castrate and micro-chip my dog and seek a full public apology for the persecution I have been subjected to by the Senior Dog Control Officer and the Council.

      However, should the Council decide to correctly classify Moo as not dangerous and rescind the fine, I will consider the matter closed.

      Swollen, but not yet bursting with Indignation,


  67. Emily says:

    Moo is the most kind natured dog I have ever come across, and he truly deserves to live a free, unrestrained, happy life. He is so lovely (and I can’t wait to see him again when we’re in Karamea next week!) I can’t bear too think about all these things happening to such a lovely dog !!

  68. shovonc says:

    This is straight out of Kafka.

  69. DJ Pukeko says:

    Super Moo unarguably the most talented player to ever play Russian Rules in Karamea ! Never subbed off once the entire game, never listened to the whistle and completely misunderstood the offside rule!

    DJ Pukeko Arf Arf!

  70. Frances says:

    Moo is a superstar not a dangerous dog.

    • Thanks Frances, I quite agree…but now in fact, so does the Buller District Council…they have rescinded their “Dangerous Dog” classification and “Moo” is now a free citizen of Aotearoa once more…of course, he now has a microchip under his skin and he lost his testicles due to the erroneous, irresponsible and totally unreasonable classification…and I’ve had to pay inflated dog registration fees for the past six years, but that aside, Moo is no longer considered dangerous (by the BDC of anyone else) and I am no longer tainted with the tag of being an “Irresponsible Dog Owner.” I shall have to find other ways to maintain my reputation for recalcitrance!

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