The Rongolian Star Quiz # 4 It’s a BOY!

The Royal Baby HRH Snotgobbler!!!














1. The Royal baby traces by regal lineage to which Royal House?

a. House of the Rising Sun!

b. Dr. House!

c. Haunted House!

d. Bauhaus!

2. The Royal baby’s bloodlines reveal that he is is closely related to which notable member of the aristocracy?

a. King Kong!

b. Prince!

c. Duke Ellington!

d. Freddie Mercury from Queen!

3. Which gregarious pet is Auntie Camilla most likely to acquire for the Royal baby?

a. A carnivorous Hefferlump as described in “Winnie the Pookhov”!

b. A rabid anti royalist boa constrictor with an unwhetted appetite for gobbling little kiddies!

c. A large friendly timber wolf with extremely large fangs and a SuperSizeMe attitude!

d. Another pathetic mindless dribbling potential road kill corgi!

4. Which British band is most likely to come out of retirement to produce a dedication song for the Royal snotgobbler?

a. Run DDT!

b. Flock of Rhinoceroces!

c. Pet Shop Boyos!

d. Frankie Goes to Vladivostok!

5. A plant species will be named after the Royal baby! Can you name the potential candidate?

a. See weed!

b. Ugly Fruit!

c. Venus Fly Trap!

d. Amorphallus!

6. Which sport is the Royal baby most likely to pursue?

a. Rat rugger!

b. Peek a boob!

c. Professional darts!

d. Irish bungy!

7.  Which nearly defunct toy will gain instant popularity once the announcement of the Royal birth is made public?

a. Gazoo!

b. Golliwog!

c. Noddy!

d. Toyboy!


Which religion is the Royal baby most likely to choose?

a. Hindi 500!

b. Bra Man!

c. Fund A Mentalist Hairy Krishna!

d. Secular Astral Eckankar!

9. Which song is the most likely to be the Royal baby’s favourite lullaby?

a. Tricycle by Queen!

b. Gang Bang Style!

c. I’m a Little Tea Pot by Nana Mouskouri!

d. Russian National Anthem as sung by the Red Army choir with accompaniment by the Saint Petersburg Academy Symphony Orchestra!

10. Which make of car is the Royal son most likely to take on dates with well endowed young ladies of questionable reputation?

a. Lada!

b. Skoda!

c. Convertible FJ Holden!

d. Shaggin Waggon!

11. Name the most likely godfather for the Royal baby!







a. Sir Alec Fergusson!

b. Sir Ericlapton Fergusson!

c. Sir Alfred E Neuman Fergusson!

d. Sir Massey Fergusson!

12. How long will it take for the poor humble peasants of Uttar Pradesh to become extremely bored from hearing  about the Royal birth?

a. Never!!!!

b. New York Minute!

c. Que?

d. Dave? Dave’s not here man!

The managerial and editorial staff of The Rongolian Star make no apology whatsoever for any unintentional onimatopoeia, hyperbole, errors in syntax or lack of human compassion contained within this quiz!


About LivinginPeaceProject

Paul Murray is the founder of the LivinginPeace Project. Paul originally from Australia, but have been living in New Zealand for 14 years. Before that he was in Japan for a decade working as a journalist. He met his wife Sanae in Japan and they married in 2008.
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3 Responses to The Rongolian Star Quiz # 4 It’s a BOY!

  1. Big Ears says:

    Oh jolly ra ra!

  2. Picadilly Circus says:

    The Mall has been awash with a veritable sea of pathetic servile sycophants for weeks.

    Best of Bloody British!

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