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Sir Bob Proposes Capital Morgan Monument

  Sir Bob Jones has written a letter to the mayor of Wellington, asking if he can demolish one of his buildings to erect a 5000-metre statue of Gareth Morgan. He even sent in a sketch of what the statue – … Continue reading

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Reverse Malthusian Trap Snares Rural Kiwis

Off the Top of My Head By Paul Murray Karamea, West Coast, New Zealand: February 17, 2016 The New Zealand Minister for Economic Development the right honourable Ms Joyce Stevens announced today that given the success of recent regional austerity … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Fluffy

Python Devours Children’s Pet Piglet Off the Top of my Head By Paul Murray Sometime in the dark of night on November 11, 2015 a young carpet python slithered silently into the home of Lilly and Fluffy Thompson, wound its … Continue reading

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The Art of Social Commentary by Waldemar von Kazak

http://waldemarkazak.com http://waldemar-kazak.deviantart.com

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Karamea Ministry of Red Tape # 26

A New Zealand Government Department authorised by a covertly suspicious and deliberately rhetorical Act of Parliament and compounded by a dubiously tacit Royal Approval to receive official complaints. Karamea Ministry of Red Tape  – Office Staff Manager:     Red … Continue reading

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Madly Busy Day for the Messiah

From Pansy Panda: http://pansypanda.com/jesus-doing-everyday-things/

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News from Oz: Terrorist Red Alert: “A traitor in our midst!”

By Raving Reporter: Shamshoun Khan II   Rooters – Karamea: In the height of the extreme paranoid hysteria surrounding the Terrorism Red Alert announced yesterday by Oztralian Prime Minister Tony Oi Oi Abbot, a deep cover Russian Master Spy has been … Continue reading

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